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Installation - Congo

Bridge Installation - Congo

Installation - Malaysia

Bridge Installation - Malaysia

Bridge Installation Congo

Bridge Installation - Congo

Installation Advice - Congo

Installation Advice - Congo

Installation Advice - Afghanistan

Installation Advice - Afghanistan


Mabey Bridge’s expertise goes far beyond manufacture. We pride ourselves on the comprehensive bridge installation advice we offer our customers in support of their project to ensure their modular bridge installation is trouble-free.

Our qualified bridge installation advisors are experts in site reconnaissance, planning, logistics, infrastructure development and installation. They have worked with our global network of representatives to build or oversee the installation of thousands of bridges worldwide.

They have also established lasting relationships with local designers, contractors and installers worldwide to ensure that the bridge is built exactly to the customer's specification, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our far-reaching technical assistance and reliable in-field support, combined with the superior design and modularity of our products, minimises the need for major on-site work and ensures rapid, safe and trouble-free installation.

To understand more about our bridge installation advice, unique installation services and how we can make a difference to your project, please contact our Expert.


  • Comprehensive bridge installation advice delivered by experts
  • Local knowledge to assist with trouble-shooting
  • In-field technical support to ensure a trouble-free build
  • Established relationships with contractors and installers
  • Full site survey prior to starting to ensure minimal on-site works
  • Rapid, safe installation
  • Technical reach-back before, during and after bridge installation
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