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Digital Engineering at Mabey Bridge
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Digital Innovation at Mabey Bridge

At Mabey Bridge, digital engineering is transforming our modular bridging capability. Drawing on a long heritage of bridge engineering expertise, our expert engineers are harnessing the latest digital tools and technologies, and developing industry-first techniques, to help our customers deliver their bridging project more quickly, safely and efficiently.

We are building on the opportunities presented by digital technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Configuration and BIM to help our customers define, design, procure and install their solutions more efficiently.

Our Augmented Reality capability brings our solutions to life in the most imaginative way possible. It provides customers with the ability to engage with our solutions first-hand early on in the specification process and, as part of the procurement process, share a bespoke 3D visualisation with key stakeholders.

Our Virtual Reality capability provides an instant, visual interpretation of our bridging solution; customers can walk across it, inspect it, look underneath it and experience it in-situ, all before purchase. It also enables foresight of how a solution will look in a customer's proposed environment.

Our 3D Bridge Configurator allows our customers to generate an instant, bespoke, visual interpretation of their exact requirement. It gives them the ability to experiment with different bridging options, spans, loadings and accessories, and provides them with an instant quote for budgeting purposes. This ensures increased product familiarity and confidence at an early stage, enables quicker collation of product information on a mouse-click and promotes more efficient product specification and procurement planning.

At Mabey Bridge, we are 'BIM-ready'. Our BIM capabilities enable us to provide our customers with an extensive range of digital engineering content, including BIM objects for bridging, and this enables collaboration in a common data environment, making it easier and faster to collaborate and exchange information between suppliers, customers and regulating bodies, from concept design through to construction.

The age of the digital bridge is here! At Mabey Bridge, digital engineering is transforming how we work and how we collaborate with our customers to help them reduce the costs of construction, speed up delivery, improve safety and reduce the full-life cost of any solution they procure.

Speak to us to learn more about how our digital engineering expertise can help you deliver your project more quickly, safely and efficiently.

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We’re really passionate about being at the forefront of digitalisation in our industry,” said Michael Treacy, CEO, Mabey Bridge. “Only through continued investment and focus on technology-enabled tools, will we be able to carve a path to become a leader in digital engineering, grow our business and deliver a more engaging experience to our customers.”

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