Bridge Installation Training

Installation Training Afghanistan

Installation Training - Afghanistan

Bridge installation Training Malaysia

Bridge Installation Training - Malaysia

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Installation Training - Australia

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Installation Training - Congo

Bridge Installation Training

Bridge Installation Training - Afghanistan

Training Malaysia

Training - Malaysia

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Training - Indonesia


At Mabey Bridge, we recognise that bridge installation might be critical to facilitating urgent site access during construction works, or to ensuring that crucial food and medical supplies reach a community after a natural disaster.

We respond to these challenges by not only ensuring that all of our products are modular, easily transportable and easy to deploy, but by also providing installation training to local workforces. This minimises the need to source specialist contractors and enables our customers to install locally held bridge stocks themselves.

We are able to offer comprehensive training and support packages locally in-country, or at our Bridge Park training facility in the UK. We ensure that our training programmes are delivered by a team of highly qualified bridge installation advisors, each of whom has extensive experience of installing bridges in some of the most inaccessible places in the world. Meanwhile, in-country, our global representatives underpin the training programmes we deliver by providing technical assistance and local support, with the facility to draw on additional technical support from Mabey Bridge in the UK where required.

We are proud of the knowledge and skills we share with our customers and of the social impact we have on the communities we serve.  We are also proud of the assistance we provide to local contractors, enabling them to work autonomously to progress projects accurately and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about our bridge installation training or if you would like to find out more about any of our services, please contact our Expert.


  • Comprehensive bridge installation training delivered by experts
  • Minimise the requirement for specialist contractors
  • Local knowledge to assist with trouble-shooting
  • In-field technical support to ensure a trouble-free build
  • Rapid, safe installation
  • Technical reach-back before, during and after bridge installation
  • Fully equipped Bridge Training Park
  • Training Manuals supplied for ease of reference
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