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Bridge Assessment - Peru

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Bridge Assessment - Peru

Post Disaster Bridge Damage

Post-Disaster Bridge Damage

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Bridge Assessment - Angola


Bridge assessments are essential to maintaining bridge safety following an accident or natural disaster.  They also help customers extend the life of their bridge and ensure it is fit for purpose prior to a proposed change in usage.

At Mabey, bridge assessment and analysis  is conducted by an experienced engineering team, utilising computer analysis software to create an accurate and detailed picture of the bridge.

Our experts assess the condition of your bridge using a comprehensive set of guidelines, and we ensure our customer remain fully informed at each stage of the process. We measure residual load capacity and maintenance requirements, particularly after an accident or natural disaster. We then make recommendations on which damaged components can be repaired or replaced to extend the life of the bridge, minimise downtime and ensure it is safe and fit for purpose.

Mabey has over 50 years' experience of installing bridges for customers worldwide. We serve as a One-Stop-Shop for all of our customers' bridging needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers through the provision of expert advice throughout the life of their bridge.

Our services range from bridge inspection, through to bridge repair, spares provision and certification. If you would like more information about Bridge Assessment or any of our services, please speak to our Expert.


  • Bridging One-Stop-Shop
  • Bridge Inspection – Analysis – Repair – Replacement – Certification
  • Expert analysis and recommendations
  • Full range of services to:
    • Assess bridge damage post-incident or natural disaster
    • Upgrade bridge capability and capacity
    • Extend bridge life-expectancy
    • Identify damaged bridging components
    • Prioritise bridge maintenance activity
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