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Bridge Inspection - Myanmar

Bridge Inspection Myanmar

Bridge Inspection - Myanmar

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Mabey has over 50 years' experience of installing bridges for customers worldwide. We serve as a One-Stop-Shop for all of our customers' bridging needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers through the provision of expert advice throughout the life of their bridge.

Our bridge inspections are essential to maintaining bridge safety following an accident or natural disaster. It should be carried out routinely as part of the bridge maintenance system to maintain bridge condition to a high standard and promote bridge longevity. Bridge inspection also provides an insight into the capability of a bridge to withstand changes in usage, for example where additional walkways, pipes or services are required, or where a bridge needs to carry increased or abnormal loads.

Mabey bridge inspections are conducted by a team of fully qualified site advisors and engineers who have extensive experience of modular bridge design and a proven track record of delivering bridge inspections all over the world. We also have an established rapid response team capable of responding immediately to natural disasters to assess bridge integrity.

Our services range from bridge inspection and assessment, through to bridge repair, spares provision and certification. For more information about any of Mabey's services or for an inspection of your bridge, please contact our Expert.


  • Bridging One-Stop-Shop
  • Bridge Inspection – Analysis – Repair – Replacement – Certification
  • Professional service with highly-skilled personnel
  • Full range of services to:
    • Assess bridge damage post-incident or natural disaster
    • Upgrade bridge capability and capacity
    • Extend bridge life-expectancy
    • Identify damaged bridging components
    • Prioritise bridge maintenance
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