Bridging Capabilities


Modular rapid-build steel bridging solutions to accelerate bridge construction

Mabey Bridge manufactures and supplies rapid-build, precision-engineered bridges for urban, rural, industrial, military and emergency applications.

Our customers include road, rail and port authorities, infrastructure owners, construction companies, oil, gas and mining companies, farmers and landowners, as well as national governments and international disaster relief agencies.

Our bridges have a design-life of over 100 years thanks to our proven design capability, quality materials and our own off-site precision manufacturing and engineering expertise.

Thousands of steel bridges have been delivered and installed by Mabey Bridge in over 150 countries worldwide.

Explore our wide range of bridges, or read more to find out why our customers choose us.

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Benefits to using Mabey Bridge's Solutions

  • Solutions for all requirements with our comprehensive range of modular bridges
  • Rapid installation with minimum on-site works due to the use of standard interchangeable components
  • Minimal additional infrastructure requirements due to world-class expertise in the delivery of clear spans of up to 100m.
  • Outstanding versatility due to multi-span options and no limit in bridge length
  • Optimal flexibility due to single, two and three lane carriageway options


  • Full highway load-carrying capability to support both light and heavy-duty applications
  • Minimal corrosion maintenance due to fully galvanised components
  • Easily transported and stored in standard containers
  • Optimised project delivery with full training and site support services
  • Lower project costs and expedited delivery with Mabey Bridge's innovative financial support packages
  • Quality and accuracy assured for your applications delivered via Mabey Bridge’s Digital Engineering capability
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