Bridging Overview

Pooley Temporary Bridge UK
Mabey C200, Pembroke Refinery, UK

Mabey Compact 200, Pembroke Refinery - UK

Mabey Universal

Mabey Universal - France

Mabey Atlas Flyover, Philippines

Mabey Atlas Flyover - Philippines

Mabey Polduwa Bridge, Sri Lanka, by Day

Mabey Composite Bridge, Polduwa - Sri Lanka

Mabey Delta, Sri Lanka

Mabey Delta, Thiruwanaketiya - Sri Lanka

Logistic Support Bridging

Mabey Logistic Support Bridge - UK


Mabey Footbridge, Glentarken - Scotland

Mabey Emergency Rail Bridge

Mabey Universal Emergency Rail Bridge - Norway

Mabey Floating Bridge, Berbice - Guyana

Mabey Floating Bridge, Berbice - Guyana

Bridge Inspection Costa Rica

Bridge Inspection - Costa Rica

Bridge Assessment

Bridge Assessment - Peru

Polduwa Bridge Sri Lanka

Polduwa Bridge - Sri Lanka

Bridge Damage Measurement Peru

Bridge Damage Assessment - Peru

C200 Inauguration PNG

C200 Inauguration - Papua New Guinea

Installation Training Afghanistan

Installation Training - Afghanistan

Installation - Congo

Bridge Installation - Congo

Bridging the World

Bridging the World


A leading international provider of high-quality modular steel bridging

Mabey Bridge specialises in rapid-build, pre-engineered, modular bridges to develop, improve and repair essential infrastructure in urban and rural areas. We also deliver permanent and temporary bridging for military, transport, oil and gas, and mining applications, as well as for humanitarian emergencies and disaster relief. We have installed more than 500 km of steel bridging all over the world and we are proud of our reputation as a world-class manufacturer of high-quality steelwork.

An original manufacturer of the Bailey Bridge

We are an original manufacturer of the Bailey Bridges found all over the world. We retain knowledge and expertise in their design and manufacture and have drawn on this to develop a range of standard pre-engineered bridging solutions. These fully modular bridges can be easily assembled in a wide range of configurations, delivering outstanding versatility.

A unique heritage of British engineering and bridge-building expertise

Mabey Bridge has developed unparalleled expertise in modular steel bridge design, test and manufacture. We are proud of our state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, and vast international experience in project management, bridge construction, installation and training. Our award-winning engineering performance is underpinned by a commitment to Health and Safety, Quality, Ethics and the Environment, and driven by the desire to deliver a positive impact on the customers and communities we serve.

A trusted, preferred supplier to over 150 countries worldwide

Mabey Bridge is proud to have supplied steel modular bridging solutions to National Governments, NGOs, global energy and mining corporations and major construction companies all over the world. We have an established network of trusted representatives, and we work alongside designers, contractors, local installation partners and government departments to ensure that the solutions we provide meet specific industry standards and fulfil local requirements to best effect.

Please contact us regarding our steel modular bridge construction capabilities, for both permanent and temporary requirements, and our bridge installation service and we will be happy to help.


  • Modular, pre-engineered steel bridge solutions with standard interchangeable components
  • Solutions available for both permanent and temporary bridge applications
  • Clear spans up to 100m (with no intermediate supports)
  • Multi-span configurations available
  • Single, 2 and 3 lane carriageway formats
  • Full highway load-carrying capability
  • Fully galvanised to prevent corrosion and minimise maintenance
  • Transportable in standard containers
  • Rapid-build
  • Relocatable
  • Full training and site support services
  • Comprehensive modular bridging range based on 5 key bridging systems:
  • Why us?

    Our comprehensive steel modular bridges product range, vast engineering skills, high-tech manufacture and full-scale testing capability, combined with our experience in rapid bridge installation and project finance makes us unique, and earns us the worldwide reputation of being a reliable permanent and temporary bridging supplier and engineering partner.

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