Sri Lanka Regional Bridge Project

Sri Lanks Regional Bridge Project
 Sri Lanka Regional Bridge Project
 Sri Lanka Regional Bridge Project
 Sri Lanka Regional Bridge Project
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When President Mahinda Rajapakse published his policy framework for the future of Sri Lanka in 2006, development of the road network was identified as a priority.

The framework recognised the correlation between road infrastructure and economic development; plans were drawn up for an island-wide road network at national, provincial and rural level. These plans required a substantial number of bridges across the island.

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The Ministry of Ports and Highways in conjunction with the Road Development Authority, representing the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, entered into a contract with Mabey Bridge for the design, manufacture and supply of Compact bridging components and associated services.

In total, 142 bridges were supplied, including 5 flyovers and 30 temporary bridges, in the period between 2008 and 2013. A project of this size presented continuing challenges, as no two bridging situations were the same and the timeframe was extremely tight. However, in Sri Lanka, Mabey Bridge already had an established team of expert professionals with the local knowledge both to identify the initial scope of the project and manage the process to ensure a successful outcome.

Over a five-year period, 44 Compact Quick Bridges, 85 Compact 200 Bridges, four Atlas Bridges, four Delta bridges and five Atlas Flyovers were delivered and successfully installed.

The Sri Lanka Regional Bridge Project had a value of £65 million. Mabey Bridge has long-standing expertise and experience in arranging funding for its customers’ bridge projects. We have found that many infrastructure projects that are urgently required may never go ahead if a viable funding mechanism cannot be identified.

Mabey Bridge has the relationships and experience in the financial markets to arrange funding in most cases and was able to do so for the Regional Bridge Project in Sri Lanka.

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The final Mabey Delta Bridge was erected in March 2013. The infrastructure of Sri Lanka has been vastly improved by this project and Mabey Bridge is proud to have been instrumental in its successful delivery. The map of Sri Lanka is dotted with Mabey Bridge installations that are improving the lives of local communities as well as supporting the wider economic development of the country.

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