Ian Baugh retires after 50 years of service to Mabey Bridge

Ian Baugh retires after 50 years of service to Mabey Bridge

Ian Baugh retires after 50 years of service to Mabey Bridge

This month, one of Mabey Bridge’s long-serving Maintenance Engineers, Ian Baugh, retired following a remarkable 50-year career with the company. Starting as an apprentice, Ian’s career spanned 5 decades and represents a significant achievement, both for Ian and for Mabey Bridge, which continues to run its apprenticeship program, recruiting into many departments, to this day.

Ian’s achievement was marked by a farewell party with colleagues from across the company. When asked why he had chosen an apprenticeship five decades ago, Ian said the apprenticeship with the company gave him a unique opportunity to ‘learn and earn.’ As the company grew, and with the unprecedented pace of technological change in manufacturing and product development techniques that began shortly after he started his career, he was able to acquire ever more diverse skills and enjoy the opportunity to grow and thrive in a state-of-the-art environment.

On behalf of Mabey Bridge, Shaun Chivers, Director Operations said:

“Ian’s service to Mabey Bridge over 50 years is an exceptional achievement, and we are grateful for his integrity and contribution to our success. Thanks for a job well done, and best wishes for a happy and long retirement!”

Mr. Baugh added:

“From apprentice to pensioner, I’ve seen a lot over these years, and watched the plant change from welding sets and drilling machines to automated machines and robots manufacturing a fantastic product. I’m proud of having reached this milestone with Mabey Bridge and would say to those starting out make the best use of your time with this great company!”

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