Helping to reinstate vital trade-route infrastructure in South Sudan

Juba Bridge - South Sudan Collage

Helping to reinstate vital trade-route infrastructure in South Sudan

Mabey Bridge is proud to announce that the north side of the Juba Bridge, a vital trade-route for the people of South Sudan, was declared open on 23rd April in a ceremony hosted by the Executive Director of the South Sudan Roads Authority and attended by the Minister of Finance, the Minister for Wildlife and the Minister of Roads and Bridges.

The bridge, which comprises two adjacent bridges, has served as a vital life-line over the White Nile in Juba for many years, providing the only access over the Nile into much of South Sudan. Constructed in 1972, and initially repaired by UNOPS in 2010, it was subsequently closed to traffic following significant damage shortly thereafter. Working in partnership with expert local contractors, Rhino Stars, Mabey Bridge has been working on the bridge for several months, not only replacing damaged components, but also upgrading the bridge to incorporate a heavy-duty, anti-skid carriageway to facilitate the passage of heavy goods vehicles.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Charles Moore, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Juba, who joined the Ministers in personally thanking Mabey Bridge for overseeing the refurbishment works and extended his gratitude and appreciation to Alan Pearson, one of Mabey Bridge’s Site Advisors, for his commitment and expertise in ensuring that the bridge was restored quickly, safely and efficiently.

Charles Moore said ‘I am very proud that a UK company has played such a significant role in reinstating such a vital piece of South Sudan’s infrastructure, and I have been very encouraged by the respect and close collaboration encountered by all those involved in the project. This is a great success story for Mabey Bridge, and UK plc, and has given us a clear opportunity to show the “Best of British”.

Michael Treacy, CEO Mabey Bridge, added ‘‘it is our pleasure to support the government in reinstating this vital trade-route infrastructure. We were delighted that our Site Advisor, Alan Pearson was able to assist and we remain committed to helping with the supply of many more bridges in the future.’

Components for the South side of the bridge are en-route to site and Mabey Bridge will be back in Juba soon to oversee the remaining works and to reinstate this vital trade-route infrastructure in full.

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