Mabey Universal Emergency Rail Bridge

Mabey Emergency Rail Bridge

Mabey Universal Emergency Rail Bridge - Norway

Mabey Universal Rail Bridge Norway

Mabey Universal Rail Bridge - Norway

Mabey Emergency Rail Bridge

Mabey Universal Emergency Railway Bridge - Norway

Mabey Emergency Rail Bridge

Craning in Mabey Universal Railway Bridge - Norway


The Mabey Universal Emergency Rail Bridge system uses standardised, pre-engineered, interchangeable steel components to provide robust, rapid-build solutions for emergency rail bridges. Our solution combines the use of high-strength trusses with a deck structure which has been designed to support locally-supplied sleeper and rail systems and accommodate the extremely heavy loads and movement generated by rail traffic.

The Mabey Bridge solution is designed to suit specific length, width and load requirements, also accommodating, for example, site specific topography, extremes of temperature, high wind loads, and seismic requirements.

Innovative pin and bolt connections used throughout the design, make it completely reusable and therefore an ideal solution for temporary railway bridging; emergency stocks can be held by track operators to allow for immediate deployment where required.

The Mabey solution is used as a rapid deployment temporary rail bridge system, not only for emergency situations but also for railway diversions during bridge reconstructions and other temporary access applications.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our Expert.


  • Modular
  • Rapid-build
  • Can be assembled using light plant
  • Relocatable
  • Transported in standard containers
  • Medium to long span capability
  • Robust
  • High fatigue capability
  • Heavy train axle / Wheel load capacity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Can be crane built or cantilever launched
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Standard Specification

Module lengthRail Gauge widthsCantilever pedestrian walkwaysFinish
4.5m (Half module = 2.25m)UnlimitedUp to 1.5mHot-dip Galvanised:
BS EN ISO 14713 & 1461

Achievable span lengths, in span increments of 2.25m, vary according to loading.

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