Mabey Delta bridges bring new business opportunities to Skardu, Pakistan

Mabey Delta Bridge Pakistan

Long-span bridges enable businesses and farmers to transport vital goods into region

Leading bridge and engineering services specialist Mabey is installing three new Delta bridges in Skardu, a mountainous town in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The permanent long-span bridges will connect local communities to the main road network – enabling local businesses and farmers to transport their goods into and out of the region.

The ‘Tungush Nullah’, ‘Alam’ and ‘Sapper Shaheed’ steel bridges span 45, 103 and 137 metres respectively. With full highway loading capability, they will replace bridges on the Gilgit to Skardu road which are currently not suitable for modern road traffic. The Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), which is installing the bridges on behalf of the National Highway Authority, will receive the bridges on site, along with guidance on how to install the bridge from Mabey’s on-site team.

Michael Treacy, chief executive of Mabey Bridge, said “We have tackled multiple connectivity problems in Pakistan, particularly those regions hit by catastrophic earthquakes and remote, mountainous areas such as Skardu. The bridging and expert support we provide has created an excellent relationship with the Frontier Works Organisation, and this is the third project we have delivered for them in recent years. We look forward to continued work with our in-country partners, Jaffer Brothers (Pvt) Ltd, and developing the critical infrastructure that will help these communities build and grow.”

The Mabey Delta Bridge is a pre-fabricated modular bridging system suited for long-spanning permanent applications on main highways or in rural areas. It uses standardised, interchangeable steel components with full highway loading capability to provide permanent, lightweight, steel bridging which can be configured for clear spans of up to 100 metres. It can also be supplied in multiple spans, supported on intermediate piers, meaning that there is no limitation to the length it can bridge.

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