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The Mabey Bridge Configurator!

At Mabey, we recognise that our digital engineering capabilities are central to our promise to help your deliver your projects more quickly, safely and efficiently and we want to help you make smarter choices about the bridge you procure. This is why Mabey’s expert bridge engineers have now made it even easier for you to specify and design your very own bridge here with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With the Bridge Configurator, you can get a completely accurate, interactive 3D visual of a bridge that meets your exact specification in just a few minutes.  You can experiment with different bridging options, spans, loadings and accessories, and you can request an instant quote.

Configurate Now

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The power to do this is here at your fingertips

  • Specify and design your own bridge within minutes at your computer
  • Review different options with your colleagues in real-time
  • Customise your bridge with bespoke accessories


  • View a 360° representation of your bridge instantly
  • Explore different options with different spans, loadings and accessories
  • Request a quote for budgeting purposes
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How to use our Configurator

Step 1 Click on Configure Now

Step 2 In the ‘Bridge Requirements’ section, select your preferred road-width, loading, bridge length. Choose the type of deck you require from durbar or anti-skid. Choose any accessories you require and how many footwalks you want.

Step 3 Finally, click on the ‘update’ button at the bottom of that section to design your own bridge

Step 4 Interact with your bridge. Inspect it; look above, beneath and around it; experience it first-hand, all in 3D

Step 5 Complete the Request a Quote form for an instant budget quote, or

Step 6 Update your design. If you have made some changes to your design and you want to see how they look simply click the “update” button in order for the image and the product information to change.

Configurate Now

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What does the configurator do?

The configurator enables you to enter the dimensions of the bridge you want – length, width and the weight it has to carry. The configurator then produces a 3D visualisation of the Mabey bridge that you have designed.

What if I want to change the specifications?

By changing the dimensions, the configurator will automatically provide you with an updated view.


What if I want to see a different type of bridge?

At this point the configurator services the Mabey Compact 200 bridge. Very shortly the rest of the Mabey bridge range (the Delta, the Atlas etc) will be added.

How do I order a bridge having worked out what I want on the configurator?

Just complete the Request a Quote form and we will be in touch straightaway.

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