Wind Turbine Tower Fabrication

Mechanical and Electrical Fit OutThe production of wind turbine towers in Mabey Bridge’s specialist factory brings the company’s long heritage in the manufacture and installation of structural steelwork to the renewable energy industry, one of the most rapidly-growing industrial sectors in Europe.

Mabey Bridge’s first wind turbine tower installation (for REpower Systems AG) was completed in November 2011. Since then, the company has become well-established in the wind energy market, serving several major manufacturers and increasing the number of UK-made components in wind energy installations.

The wind energy market is highly diverse and a wide range of wind turbines are available to suit different locations and conditions. Small (250–500 kW) and large (mW) turbines are becoming common in single installations, for example on industrial sites, community installations and large-scale wind farms. Mabey Bridge manufactures wind turbine towers for all types of on-shore wind installations.

Mabey Bridge’s custom-designed factory is one of the largest and most advanced wind turbine manufacturing facilities in Europe, able to operate around the clock to deliver up to 170 wind turbine towers a year.

Sub Arc Wind  Tower WeldingAs well as complete design, fabrication and site services for wind turbine towers, Mabey Bridge also offers procurement services. Its procurement specialists are skilled buyers, with extensive involvement in the global supply chain for steel, flanges and internal tower components.

Mabey Bridge is happy to demonstrate its competitive quality and cost structures to potential customers and welcomes visitors.

The core skills offered by Mabey Bridge’s expert designers and engineers include:

  • Wind Turbine Tower FabricationCAD/CAM Engineering
  • Value Engineering (cost-out optimisation and improved fabrication techniques)
  • Plate rolling and profiling
  • Submerged arc welding
  • Surface treatment, including blast and paint facilities
  • Mechanical and electrical fit-out of towers

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