Compact 200

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Compact 200

Compact 200 Bridge, up to 61m bridgesThe Mabey Compact 200 Bridge system is the most widely used modular bridge system in the world. Comprising a standard set of pre-engineered components, this popular pre-fabricated bridge system has a heritage stretching back to the original Bailey bridge system.

The Mabey Compact 200 Bridge system is pre-engineered using 3.048m (10ft) long panels braced together to form modular side trusses for the formation of either a single or two-lane crossing. Transverse steel ‘transom’ beams span between the side trusses and carry a proprietary bolted Mabey steel deck system.

Standard roadway widths of 3.15m (single lane), 4.2m (extra wide single lane) and 7.35m (2 lanes) are available. Internal pedestrian refuges and cantilevered external footwalks complete the range of standard solutions, with vehicle parapets and modular steel ramps also available.

In addition to vehicular applications, the Compact 200 system is easily configured as a pedestrian or pipe support bridge.

Mabey Compact 200 Panel Bridging is erected from a set of off-the-shelf componentsVarious decking systems can be supplied to suit the international loading standards required for the project. The steel decking can be provided with a ‘Durbar’ chequer plate finish or with additional factory applied anti-skid surfacing for improved surface grip and skid resistance.

All main structural components are hot-dip galvanised to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance.

The Mabey Compact 200 Bridge system provides cost effective solutions for bridges with single spans up to 70m (230ft). In some cases longer spans can be achieved, however one of our other modular systems may be more suitable in these circumstances. Single, multiple span, double storey construction and ‘overbridging’ configurations are also possible with the Mabey Compact 200.

Bridges can be erected using cranes for assembly and installation, however on sites where crane availability is restricted, assembly by hand or small plant is realisable using the cantilever launch method. Mabey Bridge has significant experience of providing the technical assistance to support Bridge Installation.

The Compact 200 system provides a rapidly deployable bridge solution which is ideal for permanent rural bridges, even in the remotest of locations, temporary accesses and emergency bridges to help relieve disaster stricken areas.

Mabey Bridge maintains stocks of Compact 200 bridging to enable the company to react to emergency situations in the shortest possible times. These components can be air freighted to sites around the World to minimise response times.

Amongst the sectors already benefitting:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy and mining
  • Transport
  • NGO’s and humanitarian
  • International and Local Contractors

These applications can benefit from the interchangeable components, fully reusable and re-locatable, easy to transport in standard ISO containers, simple to build, rapid erection, long lasting and adaptable to many different situations and landscapes.

It is these benefits that have attracted clients from around the world to install over 200km of Mabey Compact 200 bridging across 5 continents since its introduction in 1986.

Contact Mabey Bridge to discuss your compact bridging project so the design engineering and site engineers can provide the best advice.